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House and Garden Magazine: “A naturalistic inner-city garden inspired by the Australian bush”

The request was for a naturalistic garden. Designer Sam Cox has created a slice of inner-city bushland that thrums with life.

When the owners of this property decided they wanted a natural-looking, native garden for their Melbourne home, they knew who to call. Garden designer Sam Cox is a specialist in the genre, known for his designs that replicate pockets of Australian bush. “We push the boundary between a conventional garden and things that are a little bit wild,” says Sam. “It’s about bringing a bit of the bush to the urban landscape.”

Renovations were well underway on the gracious Federation house, home to a family of five, when the owners asked Sam to design their front and rear gardens. Their home had retained its heritage features at the front while undergoing a contemporary rebuild at the rear, so Sam’s job was to devise a planting palette that would connect with both architectural styles.

At the front, he went for a “soft and understated approach” to tie in with the home’s period facade. Taking his cues from an existing olive tree – not native but deemed worthy of retaining – he focused on a palette of grey-greens, using species including… continue reading…


Published 23rd April 2021

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